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Flagship device

R3's flagship hardware device is the backbone of standard EchoRing industrial grade wireless networks. 

EchoRing Ethernet Bridge

the wireless cable

  • Ultra-reliable low-latency wireless connections (URLLC)

  • Easy plug and play installation

  • Compatible with standard industrial protocols

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Core Features

Network Features

Additional Features


Arrow Partnership

Arrow Electronics distributes R3 products to global markets

Where to Order

A testimonial from Berlin Branch Manager Mathias Milstrey of Arrow Electronics, R3’s key partner and global distributor of EchoRing hardware products.

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Easy Deployment

Installing an initial industrial wireless network is a major step for any client - though thankfully, not a difficult one

EchoRing Rollout Kit

The Network Launcher

  • Includes everything necessary to plan, deploy, optimize and maintain an industrial grade wireless network

  • Contains five Ethernet Bridges, five Performance Analyzers, a Configuration Server, a handheld Health Monitor and all essential peripherals

  • Also included are a series of consultations, assessments and network planning assistance with R3's experts 

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Support Tools

Well-optimized EchoRing networks are backed by a comprehensive support toolkit

Configuration Server

The Network Assistant

  • Deploys and adjusts network configurations

  • Defines required network service levels

  • Sets priority traffic parameters


Performance Analyzer

The Optimization Assistant

  • Assists setup for initial network tests

  • Generates simulated dummy traffic

  • Gathers network optimization data


Portable Health Monitor

The Network Visualizer

  • Visualizes network traffic and signal reception

  • Generates real-time network reports

  • Suggests possible network reconfigurations


Accessory Kit

The Essential Peripherals

  • Provides a set of cables to set up an initial network test

  • Includes rod antennas to mount on SMA connectors

  • Stored in a rugged portable case


Embedded Integration

Every Application is unique

Given EchoRing’s wide range of use cases across numerous industries, each client represents a unique scenario and set of requirements to meet. R3 thus provides full consultation, installation and support services to integrate and optimize EchoRing within your application.

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How-to Guide

Setting Up an EchoRing Network

Join R3 co-founder and MD Florian Bonanati and Head of Application Engineering Thomas Menzel for a straightforward five-step walkthrough on setting up an EchoRing network.

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