Comprehensive Application Engineering Services: Planning to Maintanance

On-Site or Remotely

Project Assesment


Establish an understanding of your project requirements. Evaluate of potential value of integrating wireless solution. Lay groundwork for successful project execution.

Application Environment Assessment:

Analyzing application layout, communication areas, environmental conditions (temperature, pressure, IP classification, etc.), and shock factors.

Protocol Analysis:

Identifying industrial protocols, timing requirements, payload sizes, and any proprietary traffic considerations.

Physical Layer Assessment:

Determining the area to cover, channel clarification, potential interference assessment, number of devices needed, handover requirements, and the number of participants per EchoRing.

Network solution plan


Produce a Network Solution Plan - comprehensive document describing Industrial Wireless Network tailored for your needs.

Traffic Analysis Report:

Detailed analysis of PLC traffic patterns at the facility.

Network Planning Report:

Channel Planning through effective spectrum utilization, ensuring harmonious integration with existing networks. Network Architecture planning, including IP subnetting and device assignment. Efficient Ethernet and antenna cable routing plans. Optimal antenna selection and placement planning.

Deployment services


Deliver a turnkey solution - fully functional and tested EchoRing network.

Device Configuration:

Updating devices to the latest firmware, either before shipping or on-site, and developing application-specific EchoRing configurations.

Installation and Commissioning:

Physically installing Bridge E devices and the monitoring system, and deploying the R3 Configuration Server (pyRTMF) configuration across all devices.

System Testing and Validation:

Conducting thorough testing to validate the wireless communication and confirm correct behavior of the system.

Training and Documentation:

Providing comprehensive training on the wireless communication infrastructure and EchoRing hardware/software, along with complete documentation of the installation and hardware.

After-sales support and maintenance


Ensuring that customers receive the necessary support to maintain their network.

After Sales Support:

Establishing a dedicated hotline and email mailbox for support requests, with engineers on standby for immediate assistance.

Maintenance and Break-Fix Support:

Offering break and fix support, including remote hands-on assistance and routine maintenance checks.

Monitoring and Alerting Services:

Implementing monitoring and alerting systems to oversee network performance and identify issues proactively.

Centralized Monitoring:

Creating and managing a centralized monitoring system or NOC for comprehensive oversight of network operations.