Our Achievement is Rooted in Our Clients' Success.

Let us show you what we’ve achieved so far

Collaborating AGVs in Clean Room

R3 integrated it's products and solutions in the already existing AGVs physically and configured the software to support the client's safety and control requirements.

Body Shop Wireless Robot Control

In case the gripper control fails due to wear down parts (cables and connectors) the customer required a plug-and-play wireless replacement

Assembly Line Skillet Wireless Control

Together with client's engineers we deployed our Bridge E network devices and guaranteed the uninterrupted flow of critical data throughout the vehicle's assembly process.

Stage Elevator System Wireless Control

We replaced the wired connection point with our state-of-the-art Wireless Bridge E.

Central Transfer Car Wireless Control

R3 co-developed a networking system that not only improved operational efficiencies but also perfectly aligned with the specific requirements of our client's logistics center.

Wireless Amusement Ride Control

Belantis, with its commitment to providing safe and enjoyable experiences, found a future-proof solution in R3's Bridge E.