Hello! We are R3 and we love industrial wireless.

We are a young company from Berlin, Germany which has the goal to build the industrial wireless for the future. We were founded in 2015 after our founders spent years in research during their studies at RWTH Aachen which resulted in the patent for our ground breaking EchoRing technology.

The Spark of Innovation

How EchoRing and R3 came to life

EchoRing was born out of a vision to transform wireless communication through pioneering technology. In the late 2000s, this vision took shape at the DFG-funded research center Ultra High-Speed Mobile Information and Communication at RWTH.

Fueled by a spirit of innovation, researchers embarked on an ambitious mission to develop a solution for high-availability, real-time wireless communication using a token ring method. This technology aimed to push boundaries and revolutionize expectations of what wireless systems could achieve.

After years of intense research, collaboration, and meticulous mathematical modeling, the technology began to take form. The theoretical foundations were laid, validated, and refined. EchoRing was no longer just a vision - it was becoming a reality.

The spark of innovation that ignited at UMIC never faded. That pioneering vision to revolutionize wireless communication through EchoRing still drives our team today. What began as research fueled by imagination and expertise has flourished into a technology that's transforming possibilities.

EchoRing is a testament to the power of innovation. Its journey from concept to reality was only possible through bold ambition, collaboration, and perseverance. Driven by those core values, EchoRing continues to evolve and make its mark.

Meet the team

Portrait of Florian Bonanati

Florian Bonanati

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

After graduating in business administration, Florian started a successful career at two leading management consulting firms. With his strong business background and special interest in Germany’s market and innovation, Florian plays an essential role in EchoRing’s business development.

Dr.-Ing. Mathias Bohge

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

With a Ph.D. in Engineering, Mathias took the path of management consulting after university. There he developed a passion for marketing and human resources, a passion he pursues every day to construct the perfect image of EchoRing in an ideal working environment.

Dr.-Ing. Daniel Willkomm

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Daniel’s passion is project management. Over the past several years he has developed and successfully implemented an array of agile management methods in various companies. Combined with a Ph.D. in Wireless Communications and subsequent experience as a public funding advisor, Daniel provides R3 with insider expertise on raising capital.

Dr.-Ing. Vlado Handziski

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

What began with coding on his Commodore 64 and messing around with mainframe terminals at his mother’s workplace has evolved into a lifelong obsession with technology and science. After two decades of research experience in IoT and wireless embedded network systems, Vlado decided to make the jump from academia to the private sector, joining his former TU Berlin colleagues on the R3 team.

Join us and build the future of wireless with us

More than 40 people from 12 nations, speaking more than 15 languages, make up R3 Solutions. Some of us are, and others were, in unordered order: hardware developers, software developers, programmers, hardware hackers, tinkerers, engineers, researchers, computer scientists, sales experts, media designers, journalists, marketing specialists, artists, and a few others.

What unites us all are visionary ideas and the firm belief that wireless connectivity will revolutionize the industry.

Become part of our international team in a leading high-tech company!

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