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RBB Abendschaus interview with R3

RBB - "Abendschau" / Evening Show - available only in German


Get to know R3!

Learn about who we are, what we build, how it works and where to order our products. Our extensive video library also covers EchoRing and R3's recent history in depth. 

Who We Are video
Who We Are

An introduction to R3, its origins, and the driving vision behind the company: to develop a powerful yet accessible industrial grade wireless solution. Our mission is to extend Industry 4.0 to any client and budget.

What We Build

An overview of EchoRing, R3’s decentralized URLLC industrial grade wireless solution. Several of our key team members describe the technology, its products, the industry shortcomings it addresses and the core concepts that make EchoRing possible.

How It Works

Hardware-agnostic and simple to deploy on existing infrastructure, EchoRing is ideal for a wide range of applications. Join R3 co-founder and MD Florian Bonanati and Head of Application Engineering Thomas Menzel for an easy five-step tutorial on setting up an EchoRing network.

Where to Order

Global distributor Arrow Electronics quickly and easily ships EchoRing products to clients all over Europe and the US - with more regions inbound. Berlin Branch Manager Mathias Milstrey provides this testimonial.

TV & Radio Broadcasts

RBB Abendschaus interview with R3
RBB Evening Show Special (DE)

Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg featured both R3 and German Auto Labs in a special on the effect the Covid-19 Pandemic has had on German startups, as part of the network's Evening Show. (27.05.2020)

R3 EchoRing Deutschlandfunk feature - English subtitles
Deutschlandfunk Feature (DE & EN)

Deutschlandfunk radio feature on EchoRing with English subtitles, hosted by Science & Technology journalist Jan Rähm. (02.05.2020)

Tech Demos

EchoRing Universal Robot Demo
Universal Robot Demo 2021 (EN)

Here we demonstrate how a Universal Robot unit can connect wirelessly to a Siemens programmable logic controller (PLC) and a remote desktop via an EchoRing network.

uBlox Odin PCB Demo 2020 (EN)

Here we demonstrate how a uBlox Odin PCB can connect wirelessly to a Siemens programmable logic controller (PLC) and Pilz safety controls via EchoRing.

Music: Friend to Friend by Loyalty Freak Music

Video edited by Laura Schmittinger


Matthias Röse Testimonal
Matthias Röse (EN)

Global Domain Executive - Technology Platforms at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Heinrich Munz Testimonial
Heinrich Munz (DE)

CEO at Munz Endeavors GmbH.


Introduction to EchoRing web-seminar
Introduction to EchoRing (EN)

Web-seminar held on 30.07.2020

EchoRing Hands-On Session Web-Seminar (EN)
EchoRing Hands-On Session (EN)

Web-seminar held on 03.09.2020

EchoRing PROFINET Hands-On Session (DE)
EchoRing PROFINET Hands-On Session (DE)

Web-seminar held on 03.09.2020

Product Teasers

EchoRing Ethernet Bridge Product Teaser
EchoRing Ethernet Bridge

Product Teaser - November 2019

EchoRing System-on-Module (SOM) Product Teaser
EchoRing System-on-Module (SOM)

Product Teaser - November 2019

Pitches and Introductions

R3s Unhide the Champions Pitch
Unhide the Champions Pitch (EN)

Dr. Mathias Bohge - September 2020

EchoRing by R3 Intro
EchoRing by R3 (EN)

Product and company introduction - 2019

1 min Grand Finale Pitch at Hello Tomorrow
Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge Pitch (EN)

Dr. Mathias Bohge - March 2019

R3s Startup Autobahn 2017 pitch
Startup Autobahn Pitch (EN)

Florian Bonanati - 2017

R3 at ZVEI
R3 at ZVEI (DE)

Dr. Mathias Bohge - 2016

R3s Thüringen Pitch
Thüringen Pitch (DE)

Florian Bonanati - 2016

Trade Fair Footage

CMM 2020 Presentation
CMM - Connected Mobile Machines & Mobility (EN)

Presentation by Florian Bonanati - 2020

Wiley Industry Days 2020 presentation
Wiley Industry Days (DE)

Presentation on real-time wireless safety controls in production environments by Florian Bonanati - 2020

SPS 2018 Fair Highlights

Fair highlights - 2018