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Wireless Emergency Stop

In industries where machinery and automated systems play a pivotal role, ensuring the safety of operators and equipment is paramount. Implementing a wireless emergency stop mechanism enhances the ability to respond to potential safety threats immediately and effectively.


Traditional emergency stop mechanisms, especially in environments with extensive movement and machinery, may be susceptible to delays or failures due to wired connectivity issues. A wireless solution must be reliable, instantaneous, and able to ensure safety consistently across various operational scenarios.


Wireless Emergency Stops: Bridge E facilitates the implementation of a wireless emergency stop system that can instantly halt machinery and automated systems in case of an emergency, ensuring immediate response and enhanced safety across various industrial environments.

Value Propositions

For Plant Operators

Problem: Ensuring immediate response and halting of machinery in emergency situations.
Solution: Bridge E provides a reliable and swift wireless emergency stop mechanism.
Benefit: Enhanced safety and immediate response to potential threats or malfunctions.

For System Integrators

Problem: Integrating a reliable, wireless emergency stop system into existing control mechanisms.
Solution: Bridge E offers seamless integration with existing control systems, providing a reliable wireless link.
Benefit: Enhanced safety features and modernization of control systems without extensive overhaul.

For Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

Problem: Ensuring the products manufactured offer the highest safety standards with modern, wireless control.
Solution: Integrating Bridge E into the control systems during manufacturing.
Benefit: Delivering products with cutting-edge safety features and wireless capabilities.

Key Takeaways

  • Ensures immediate response to safety concerns with wireless emergency stops.
  • Enhances overall safety standards and responsiveness in various industrial environments.
  • Provides a modern, wireless solution to traditional safety systems.

Explore how Bridge E can elevate the safety standards of your industrial operations. Contact us for more information and a personalized demo.

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