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The Challenge

In the fast-paced world of intralogistics, a leading logistics solutions provider, faced the challenge of optimizing the logistics center of one of the EU's most prominent wholesale companies. The environment was distinctive, demanding adaptability and precision. Initially, a conventional Wi-Fi network was set up, but it soon revealed its limitations. The challenge was not only to transition to a more robust technology but also to ensure that the entire system operated seamlessly, meeting the high demands of modern logistics.

Our action

Understanding the unique demands of the logistics center, our team initiated a thorough analysis of the existing Wi-Fi network, identifying its shortcomings. Recognizing the potential of Echoring technology, we proposed a transition that would address the limitations and enhance system efficiency.

Our collaboration was symbiotic. Our engineers and customers experts worked in tandem, ensuring that the transition was smooth and the new technology was integrated without disrupting ongoing operations. Training sessions were conducted, empowering customers's team to harness the full potential of the Echoring technology.

The depth of expertise R3 brought into our logistics project was commendable. They adapted, innovated, and delivered

Project Lead

Added value for the customer

  • Infrastructure Deployment: Our strategic positioning of devices ensured that the logistics center had optimal coverage, enhancing data transmission and system reliability.
  • Commissioning Support: Our team was instrumental in identifying and addressing issues, providing detailed reports that ensured transparency and actionable insights.

The outcome

By collaborating with  a leader in the intralogistics domain, we co-developed a system that not only improved operational efficiencies but also perfectly aligned with the specific requirements of the logistics center. This partnership showcased our ability to provide custom-tailored solutions that resonate with the unique challenges of each industry.

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