Retrofitting the "Götterflug" ride at Belantis Leipzig

Belantis, with its commitment to providing safe and enjoyable experiences, found a future-proof solution in R3's Bridge E. The collaboration not only navigated regulatory challenges but also significantly enhanced operational efficiency and ride safety. The integration of Bridge E isn’t merely about adopting a product; it's about forging a partnership that ensures the future safety and success of amusement rides.

The challenge

Belantis, a family amusement park in Leipzig, is home to the "Götterflug," a flying carousel that is one of its major attractions. Ensuring the safety and smooth operation of this ride, where guests fly around a 25-meter-high tower in individual gondolas, became paramount, especially in light of the evolving safety requirements in the EU (DIN EN 13814-1:2023-07). The automation system behind "Götterflug," provided by safety automation experts Pilz, needed a solution to ensure secure data exchange via radio to guarantee safe and enjoyable rides for visitors.

R3's action

R3's Bridge E, based on EchoRing technology, emerged as an integral part of the solution for the "Götterflug." It ensured secure wireless data exchange between the programmable logic controller (PLC) PSSuniversal PLC of the Pilz automation system PSS 4000 and the arms mounted on the tower. In combination with Pilz's real-time Ethernet SafetyNet p, Bridge E guaranteed reliable and safe data transmission between the tower and the arms. Dr.-Ing. Mathias Bohge, one of the two managing directors of R3 Solutions, emphasized, "Especially in terms of runtime delay and robustness, our wireless system meets the highest performance requirements demanded during the operation of a facility like the Götterflug."

Added value for the customer

  • Operational Efficiency: The Bridge E, with its capability to transmit data without physical contact, eliminates mechanical stress and wear typically associated with conventional rotary joint slip ring systems, ensuring sustained operational efficiency.
  • Reduced Downtimes: The secure and reliable data transmission provided by Bridge E minimizes safety stoppages and enhances the ride experience for patrons.
  • Compliance with Ease: The integration of Bridge E ensured that "Götterflug" adhered to the stringent safety standards without the need for a complete overhaul.

Wir sind außerordentlich zufrieden, dass es kaum Einschränkungen für unsere Besucher gab und dass die Anlage weiterhin sicher und zuverlässig läuft

Michael Heese

Leiter Technik at Belantis

The outcome

The integration of Bridge E not only ensured the compliance of "Götterflug" with new safety standards but also significantly enhanced the overall efficiency and safety of the ride, providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for visitors to Belantis.

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