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The industrial future is wireless. Get ready!
Gain flexibility and create new business through wireless industrial applications.

System Integrators & Plant Engineering

Leverage R3 Solutions Bridge E for all your automatic guided vehicles (AGV) and automatic mobile robots (AMR) on the factory floor. Have them talk to each other when moving in lockstep – also known as platooning – and with workstations and production infrastructure. Fulfill specific customer requirements for uRLLC communication for special applications on modern production lines.

Ultra-reliable wireless data support black-channel-based safety in combination with essential and broadband data over wireless.


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Plant Operators

Save on the total cost of ownership (TCO) by using Bridge E for demanding and/or safety-related applications like robot control, machine remote control, and vehicle-to-machine communication.

Benefit from the most cost-effective wireless solution delivered by R3 Solutions engineering expertise on site.


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Automation Vendors

Consolidating M2M data communication needs – essential data and ultra-reliable real-time communication (uRLLC) – saves cost and simplifies networks. Highly reliable wireless connections by R3 Solutions are the key.

Open up new business areas by integrating R3 Solutions' wireless products into your solutions for critical industrial applications. Functional safety applications in particular benefit from switching to highly reliable wireless connections.

Address all wireless data needs concurrently with only one device providing ultimate flexibility.


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