Industrial wireless networks: Broadband meets URLLC

Upon the start of SPS 2022 in Nuremberg, R3 Solutions, the specialist for industrial wireless networks, presents an industrial-grade solution for wireless real-time data transmission based on Wi-Fi 6 and EchoRing. The high-performance and real-time-capable wireless Ethernet bridge has been specially designed for driverless transport systems.

Modern industrial manufacturing can no longer do without self-propelled transport systems. And self-propelled transport systems (AGVs) and automated mobile robots (AMRs) increasingly require real-time-capable radio data transmission when they are on the move in safety-relevant scenarios. As a particular challenge, AGVs need very space-saving modules that ideally exchange sensor data via broadband connections and simultaneously exchange control data via real-time-capable networking. With the new Bridge X, Berlin-based R3 Solutions GmbH addresses both of these demanding requirements.

The Bridge X is equipped with the latest Wi-Fi 6 WLAN standard, which enables broadband data in the gigabit-per-second range. In addition, there is a second radio unit in the housing, which is only about two and a half centimeters thick and realizes ultra-reliable real-time communication (URLLC) via the proven EchoRing radio technology. Thus, Bridge X can cover any communication between vehicles and to the infrastructure. For data communication in the vehicle or for use in and on other industrial machines, the developers have equipped the Bridge X with two Gigabit Ethernet ports, two CAN bus interfaces, and an versatile usable GPIO pin connector strip (GPIO: General Purpose Input Output).

Bridge X offers the highest level of reliability by easily adding robust connectivity to existing transmission technologies for wireless control of industrial transport and production systems as well as industrial robots and other machines. Bridge X uses R3's proprietary EchoRing technology and is specially designed for environments where autonomous systems must operate uninterrupted and fail-safe.

Product planner Thomas Förste, Chief Product Officer at R3 Solutions, explains: "Our Bridge X is the one-in-all solution for intralogistics. It integrates into even the flattest AGV designs and can handle any radio traffic. The real-time control interface, remote manageability, and AGV form factor make Bridge X the ideal wireless data communications device for AGV/AMR OEMs and system integrators."

The Bridge X will be delivered to selected project partners and pilot customers from the beginning of 2023. The all-in-one communication device is expected to be generally available in the third quarter of 2023.

In addition to the new Bridge X product, R3 will be presenting the proven Bridge E at SPS 2022 in Nuremberg until November 11 (Hall 5, Booth 139). With the recent Summer Release, the reliability of Bridge E has been increased by one to two orders of magnitude, with less packet loss, and it shines with new functions. Among other things, Bridge E now has a new type of software control interface (External Runtime Control Interface, ERCI), with the help of which the status of connected devices can be recorded script-based, and the respective functions can be adjusted via control command. In addition, the R3 team will present concrete applications of the EchoRing technology from various industries at SPS 2022.

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