Bridge E Summer 2023 Release

[Berlin, September 2023] – Continuous product improvements are the key to the technological excellence of R3 Solutions GmbH. To this end, R3 provides regular software updates for all parts of its product portfolio.

"The entire R3 team has been working hard to bring you improvements to the Bridge E product itself, as well as tools and support based on the hands-on experience of our various installations," explains Florian Bonanati, one of two CEOs of R3 Solutions GmbH.

The R3 Solutions Bridge E is a wireless Ethernet bridge that makes machines and robots flexible. Based on R3’s EchoRing technology and standard Wi-Fi chips, Bridge E ensures ultra-reliable low latency data transmission. It can be used in a wide range of industrial use cases where cables are in the way or wear out.

The Bridge E Summer 2023 Release enables facilitation of IP address management, offers improvements to the plant configuration tools and a facelift of the user interface. It includes new tools for infrastructure-based wireless network monitoring with real-time alerts and integration with facility monitoring systems alongside the R3 health monitor. In addition, application notes and example code for the smooth integration of deterministic event-based functions such as seamless roaming and antenna switching into the engineering tools of PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT and SafetyNet/P are provided.

The Bridge E Summer 2023 Release is compatible with all Bridge E devices. See the R3 website for release details. Customers will also find a contact form there for their questions on how to benefit from the various improvements.

About R3 Solutions

R3 Solutions is a technology company specializing in wireless connectivity and data transmission solutions. With a focus on innovation, R3 Solutions collaborates with industry leaders to deliver next-generation technologies that power the future of various sectors. Since 2021, R3 Solutions is part of the Peppermint Group.

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