The industrial wireless that simply works.

It’s not magic. It’s Real-time Reliable Radio by R3.

Trusted by leading companies worldwide

Combine the flexibility of wireless with the reliability of wires

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, you deserve a solution that moves with you without compromising on reliability.

Our commitment is to deliver unparalleled connectivity that adapts to your needs. Imagine the freedom of wireless, but with the assurance of a wired connection. That's the promise we bring to you. Like the steadfastness of a tree anchored by its roots, yet flexible in the wind, our technology ensures you're always connected, always secure.

By merging the best of the past with the innovations of the future, we're not just offering a product; we're offering peace of mind.

Your journey deserves seamless connectivity, and with us, that's precisely what you'll get.

Your Company's Wireless Network Partner

We stay ahead of the curve so you can embrace the future with our innovative solutions

Wireless is our DNA

Transforming challenges into efficient wireless solutions

  • Specialized focus on wireless technology
  • We know industrial networking deep and broad.
  • Delivering complete solutions, not just products.

Comprehensive Engineering

Driving industry-specific sustainability

  • Wireless site surveys to prevent costly oversights.
  • Automation designs tailored for cost-effective operations.
  • Streamlined connections to reduce downtime and costs

World-Class Collaborations

Benefit from our partnership with tech giants

  • Partnered with leading Silicon Producers:
    • NXP, Texas Instruments, Nordics Semi
  • Source code access to TI WiLink 8 chip
  • Driving innovation at  5G ACIA and  VDMA-WCM associations

More Than a Vendor, Your Partner

Ensuring your success through long-term support

  • Advanced monitoring for real-time insights
  • Comprehensive educational training for your team
  • Dedicated troubleshooting services

Our partners love our technology.

It’s easy to say that but we can prove it.

Texas Instruments has given R3, the only company in the world, access to the source code of our WiLink 8 chip. This shows how much we trust the company and its employees.

Karim Jamal, Principal Application Engineer at Texas Instruments EMEA Sales

Karim Jamal

Principal Application Engineer at Texas Instruments EMEA Sales

The innovative concept, the performance of Echoring, the technical expertise of the staff as well as the friendly, comprehensive and fast support in the preparation of a first test convinced me of R3 and EchoRing.

Head of Engineering at LJU Automatisierungstechnik GmbH

Christian Bergner

Former Head of Engineering at LJU Automatisierungs­technik GmbH

We at WEPTECH share the enthusiasm I experienced during my visit to R3 in Berlin and are equally confident of a successful future for the EchoRing technology.

Oswald Maurer, CEO at Weptech GmbH

Oswald Maurer

CEO at Weptech GmbH

Success stories

R3 technology is suitable for many kinds of industrial appliances. Find out how our solutions can help you and your company to build the connected plant of the future in the present.

Industrial Automation

Empower automation with our low-latency uRLLC networks, ensuring seamless, real-time M2M communication


Ensuring seamless, synchronized operations in automotive manufacturing with R3 wireless techology.


Integrate R3 technology for efficient material handling and data exchange, making your intralogistics smarter, safer, and more responsive.


Enhance ride safety and thrill with our robust, real-time wireless communication and control solutions.

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