Bridge E

Industrial grade machine to machine wireless communication in cable quality

Bridge E

The industrial wireless device for essential data


The R3 Solutions Bridge E makes machines and robots flexible. Based on EchoRing technology and standard Wi-Fi chips, Bridge E ensures ultra-reliable low latency data transmission. Bridge E can be used in a wide range of industrial use cases where cables are in the way or wear out.

Bridge E meets industrial requirements to operate wireless systems with the reliability and speed of wired systems. It replaces them in applications where low latency is critical. With the help of Bridge E, integration into the existing infrastructure and connection to a wide range of controllers and robots such as automatic guided vehicles (AGV) and autonomous mobile robots (AMR) is fast and easy.


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Bridge E Starter Kit

Everything you need to establish your own EchoRing network

The Bridge E Starter Kit is a comprehensive set of tools to commission, operate and monitor an EchoRing network within an application. It includes Bridge E devices, a Configuration Server software package, and all necessary accessories.


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Bridge E Starter Kit

Robot Emergency Kit

The preventer of sudden production downtimes


Robots stop working when trailing cables are failing or tool connections suddenly break down! R3 Solutions' Robot Emergency Kit allows production to continue within a very short time. Bridge E powered by EchoRing technology serves as a bypass solution and ensures the transmission of production data. The Robot Emergency Kit also guarantees the continued operation of the respective system even over longer periods of time.

The Robot Emergency Kit contains all the hardware components required for the immediate bridging of defective cable routes. These include four Bridge E together with the corresponding antennas and installation cables, device-specific adapter kits (i.e. for PROFINET communication), and individual accessories for mounting the Bridge E on the respective robot.

The scope of the solution can be individually adapted to customer-specific requirements. The Robot Emergency Kit is compatible with common robot systems.

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