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system architecture

Increase Flexibility and Deployment Speed

System Architecture

Fast and Simple Deployment

Streamlined installation with fewer cables

Fewer cables require less time and effort to measure cable lengths, match connections and affix cables to infrastructure, particularly in obstruction-filled operations areas. Faster deployment means lower overhead!

Easy System Relocation

Efficient disassembly, transport and reassembly

Complex physical networks of cables, connectors and plugs often require extensive testing, troubleshooting and optimization with each location change. Wireless systems meanwhile can be relocated with ease.

performance & operations

Improve Production System Efficiency

Performance & Operations

Increased Uptime

Fewer errors due to fewer weak points

Many M2M setups contain fragile points of failure such as slip rings, drag chains and cable connectors, which frequently break and incur high downtime and repair costs. Replacing key components within these weak points with wireless links significantly increases system uptime, raises production targets and reduces maintenance.

Streamlined Changeovers

Faster and simpler system reconfiguration

System changeovers are faster and easier with industrial-grade wireless networks, often conducted automatically and entirely on the software side when combined with battery-driven mobile setups. Less downtime and fewer dedicated personnel are required.

Efficient Retooling

Quick and frictionless tool changes

System tools can now be remotely disconnected and reconnected with ease over industrial wireless networks. Fragile plugs and connectors wear down with frequent use and are a key cause of production downtime. Now they can be a thing of the past!

maintenance & repairs

Streamline System Upkeep

Streamline System Upkeep

system enhancements

Prepare for the Future

System Enhancements

USe cases


Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Transport Racks for In-Process Storage


Autonomous Transport Vehicles

Slotted Waveguides

Conductor Rails

Intralogistic Elevator Systems

Cooperative Heavy Cargo Transports

Optimized Transport Flows

Production Line Turntables

Workpiece Conveyor Belts

Drag Chains for Linear Robots


Sensor/Tool Controls for Assembly Robots

Rail-Guided Workpiece Shuttles

Modular Hardware Retrofits

Distributed Hydraulic Lift Systems

Height-Adjustable Mobile Workstations

Collaborative Production Setups


Flexible and Versatile Smart Power Tools

Handheld System Monitoring/Optimization

Robotic Manipulators in High-Risk Environments


Texas Instruments has given R3, the only company in the world, access to the source code of our WiLink 8 chip family. This shows how much we trust the company and its employees.
Texas Instruments logo
Karim Jamal
Senior Member Technical Staff at Texas Instruments EMEA Sales GmbH
For more than a year we have been working with R3. Fully convinced of the technology we will start integrating the EchoRing Ethernet Bridge in our upcoming product lines as soon as possible.
Hydro logo
Matthias Schönfeld
Electrical Design and Development Manager at Hydro Systems KG
The technical maturation process of 5G will take at least another five years. So, if you want to wait for 5G, ok, you can do that, but I would highly recommend choosing R3 products today.
Munz Endeavors Logo
Heinrich Munz
Managing Director at Munz Endeavors GmbH
We support R3 with our know-how and experience in industrializing their products and bringing hardware design and manufacturing in line with the relevant IPC guidelines together. We share the enthusiasm I experienced during my visit to R3 and are equally confident of a successful future for the EchoRing technology.
Weptech logo
Oswald Maurer
Managing Director at WEPTECH elektronik GmbH
The innovative concept, the performance of EchoRing, the technical expertise of the staff as well as the friendly, comprehensive and fast support in the preparation of a first test convinced me of R3 and EchoRing.
LJU logo
Christian Bergner
Head of Engineering at LJU Automatisierungstechnik GmbH

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